Watch Dark Awakening (2015)

Genre: Fantasy Adventure Action Sci-Fi Short

Rating: 6.8/10
Runtime: 38 min


Release: 2015

Director: Tia Cherie Polite

Stars: Mackie Lou Vigal Darlena Marie Blander Patrick Opitz Joshua Pigatt W. Keith Scott Josh Kearney Tia Cherie Polite James Jay O'Neal Wendell Smith Sr. Patrick Michael Strange Jethro Moran Brian Gregory Rebecca Davis Janay K. Holland Bernard Lesane

4,000 thousand years ago an ancient and powerful artifact capable of amplifying the dark side present in any force user to terrifying levels went missing and was presumed lost...until now. Its location has been discovered by the Sith on a remote planet and is theirs for the taking. All they have to do is defeat a small group of Jedi who have settled there. But, when the Sith Witch who created it returns to reclaim it an ancient battle resumes with the fate of the galaxy resting in the winner.

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