Watch Nitro Rush (2016)

Genre: Crime Drama Thriller Action

Rating: 5.0/10
Runtime: 96 min


Release: 2016

Director: Alain Desrochers

Stars: Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge Raymond Bouchard Antoine Desrochers Michel Charette Madeleine Péloquin Myriam Tallard Antoine-Olivier Pilon Andreas Apergis Alexandre Goyette Jean-Nicolas Verreault Sébastien Peres Nathalie Cavezzali Micheline Lanctôt Junior Boucher Brigitte Tremblay

Years ago, Max made a mistake in his life. As he serves prison time, Max learns from the authorities that his son, Theo, now 17, has just been recruited by a criminal drug organization. Desperate to save his son from the bad guys, Max stages a spectacular prison break. Theo rejects Max and has fallen under the control of Daphne, an alluring femme fatale. Quickly understanding he'll be unable to persuade his son to walk away from it all, Max joins the team in order to watch over Theo. His car chasing skills and jumping and punching prowess will prove to be invaluable assets in the eventual capture of this gang by the police. Through the adventure, Theo and Max will be brought together closer than ever...

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