Watch Restless Souls (1998)

Genre: Horror

Rating: 5.3/10


Release: 1998

Director: Debra Black

Stars: Jeff Davis Ravanelle Richardson Geno Buick Lesley Lindsay Dewry Esdrek Chris Johnston Jim Edwards Ahmo Hight Patrick Williams Kim Thomas Jill Jacobson Liz Fenley Michele Howard Edward Pierson Maureen Flaherty

Newlyweds spend the night at a haunted mansion, having had car trouble. When the wife disappears, the husband's rich father sends a team of parapsychologists to get the wife back. Except for the leader, each of the team has a special power... Dr. Donna Hemming is a telekinetic, Anthony Leeds can see things by touching objects, and Heather Siris is sexually irresistible to both the dead and the living. They soon discover a Civil War general has made a pact with the devil, if he can only find a virgin for the devil to procreate with.

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