Watch The Lost Generation (2013)

Genre: Reality-TV Game-Show Thriller

Rating: 3.8/10

Countries:United Kingdom

Release: 2013

Director: Mark Ashmore

Stars: Vicky Connett Sophie Mercer Mark Gera Ian Curley Clay Whitter Barry Phillips Danny Ryder Paul Irwin Paul Newbery Gemma Deerfield David Edward-Robertson Rick Carter Kelly Efthymiou Laura Littlewood Jermaine Curtis Liburd

Heavily influenced by true events of occupy movements and protests across the world over the past 3 years, The Lost Generation portrays a very entertaining yet relevant depiction of our current media and society. We are invited to follow reality TV star SJ - the inspirational female lead, on an epic fight for survival in a dystopian presentation of our present-day world. The Lost Generation exists in a world governed by a corrupt media who have the police and government in their pocket. Able to scandalize the government through mass surveillance, the media creates propaganda on how to live a life - and leaves desperate civilians in its wake. But there is hope. They are called The Unknown.

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