Watch The Rape of the Vampire (1968)

Genre: Horror

Rating: 5.7/10
Runtime: 95 min


Release: 1968

Director: Jean Rollin

Stars: Jean Aron Solange Pradel Bernard Letrou Ariane Sapriel Eric Yan Jacqueline Sieger Catherine Deville Ursule Pauly Nicole Romain Marquis Polho Don Burhans Philippe Druillet Mei Chen Chalais Edith Ponceau-Lardie Jean-Denis Bonan

This low budget first film from director Jean Rollin is in reality two very loosely-connected, surreally erotic shorts about vampirism. In the first, three Parisians including a psychoanalyst try to convince four neurotic sisters living in a decaying country chateau that their belief that they are 200 year old vampires is false. The alluring young women are influenced and controlled by a enigmatic disembodied voice which turns out to be the an aging, aristocratic lord of the manor, whose motives are unclear but clearly perverse. Local rustics unite to hunt down and kill the sanguine siblings. In the second, the Queen of the Vampires and her acolytes arrive on the scene, resurrect the dead, and promulgate the cause of the Undead while a medical researcher works to find an antidote to vampirism.

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