Watch Vampire Wars (1990)

Genre: Horror Animation Action

Rating: 4.6/10
Runtime: 50 min


Release: 1990

Director: Kazuhisa Takenouchi

Stars: Masashi Sugawara Yuka Koyama Takeshi Aono Toshiya Ueda Michiko Abe Yûsaku Yara Yûko Mita Kyôko Terase Hiroko Emori Hirohiko Kakegawa Yukimasa Kishino Toshiharu Nobuo Satouchi Hikaru Midorikawa Kaneto Shiozawa

First, a brutal terrorist attack on a NASA base takes place deep in the Arizona desert. Then ten days later, the corpse of a CIA man is found floating in the Seine in Paris. Are the two events connected? Monsieur Lassar of the French Secret Service thinks there is a connection, but he can't figure it out. He hires International terrorist, spy and master criminal Kousaburo Kuki to help. Kuki discovers film superstar Lamia Vindaw is the key to the mystery. She has become the focus of a CIA operative in Paris and more sinisterly, the target of a bizarre vampire cult. Can Kuki get to the bottom of the mystery and save the glamorous Miss Vindaw - or will he too become just another number in the bloody body count?

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